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About FilmCentrum

FilmCentrum is a cultural membership association which distributes quality films within the institutional market. Our regional divisions create a meeting place for film makers as well as providing courses, technical help and other assistance to our film making members to an advantageous prize.

We have around thousand films in distribution. Feature films, documentaries, and shorts from all over the world, for both children and adult audiences. FilmCentrum sells films on DVD and through VOD to schools, libraries, AV centres, museums and other institutions. We also distribute 35mm films for cinema viewing; mainly for children and youth audiences.

[ NB! Our distribution rights apply exclusively to Sweden and we are therefore unable to rent or sell films for viewing outside of Sweden. ]

Since the start in 1968 FilmCentrum has initiated meetings between film, film-makers and the public. In addition, we have today, an extensive pedagogic activity. We arrange seminars, courses, and film series, as well as supplying film-makers and lecturers. In order to assist teachers and others in using film in teaching situations we produce theme packs with films and literature for differing age groups. In addition a compendium for many of our films can be found on the internet.

FilmCentrum's main office - FilmCentrum Riks - is situated in Stockholm. Spread across the country are FilmCentrum Districts which work with regional production, courses and film viewing.

Additional Cultural Centra

At present there are ten cultural Centres in Sweden with government subsidies from Statens Kulturråd - (Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs). Most of these were formed at the end of the 1960's and the beginning of the 1970's. Each Centrum is governed by elected representatives from among the membership, and founded by freelance, professional artists with a view to promoting their chosen art form, with a view to improving conditions, and their possibilities to work. They have as a consequence developed on a cultural-political basis. For more information see: www.kur.se

Become a member

Membership is open to film workers and others with an interest in film or working with film in other capacities. Membership costs 300 SEK per annum and gives you membership in both the head organization and your local FilmCentrum district. As a member you can rent equipment and partake in diverse courses to advantageous prizes, receive the journal magazine Film & TV, with four numbers a year, plus newsletters and other information about courses and different activities.

Apply at:
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For more information, please contact:

Telephone: +46 (0) 8 545 275 00
E-mail: distribution@filmcentrum.se

Box 17099
104 62 Stockholm